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Herbalife24 Prolong

Prolong supplement from Herbalife 24 line of sports nutrition products was specially designed for athletes. Athletes have specific nutrition needs and expectations. Whether an amateur or a professional, you’re looking for the best nutrition to achieve excellence.

That’s why Herbalife has developed a range of nutritional support to help you during the training, competition, and recovery phases – the H24 line of products.

Keep reading my review to learn all about the supplement.

Who will benefit from the Herbalife24 Prolong drink?

H24 Prolong formula is one of the pillars of this line. It is especially great during your endurance sessions. Hydration plus quality protein and carbs intake are significant for athletes, both for your physical and mental functions.

In the same way that Herbalife’s Hydrate served for low intensity and short duration exercises, and Herbalife’s CR7 Drive for medium or high intensity and medium duration exercises, Herbalife’s Prolong protein-carbohydrates drink helps for high intensity and long duration exercises.

After an hour of intense exercise, your glycogen stores become depleted, leading to a feeling of fatigue. It is time to replenish your water and glycogen reserves (your fuel during the exercise). It is the role of Prolong.

Herbalife 24 Prolong benefits for endurance

Not all physical activity generates the same nutritional demand. Our body functions differently depending on both the intensity and duration of exercise. In this case, Prolong provides the body with the carbohydrates and protein it needs to maintain physical performance over a long period.

A very balanced combination specifically designed for professionals and athletes who have to make tremendous efforts. It is the case, for example, of endurance athletes, who subject their bodies to immense wear and tear. For them, our carbo-protein drink is a small but crucial boost.

Sports drink perfect for triathletes, marathoners, and long-distance runners. It is also for endurance cyclists, endurance swimmers, or soccer players exposed to very demanding pre-season preparations. And, of course, for professionals whose profession demands a high intensity and sustained physical wear over time.

Ingredients of an exclusive formula

Here’s a quick overview of the ingredients and nutrients in carbs-protein drink:

Healthy Carbohydrates

healthy carbohydrates

During the session requiring endurance, your body gets your glycogen stores to provide you with the necessary energy. It is essential to replenish the glycogen reserves of your muscles to allow you to prolong workouts.

For this reason, the H24 Prolong contains 47g of carefully selected carbohydrates. They are in the form of fructose and maltodextrin. Your body will convert these carbohydrates into fuel to balance your expenditure and allow you to prolong.

Protein intake

dairy protein powder

Another necessary ingredient of Prolong is whey protein, which provides all the amino acids needed to maintain and build muscle mass. David Heber, the Institute of Herbalife Nutrition president, recommends 2g of protein per kilo of lean body mass.

Your sports drink contains 6.8g of high-quality whey protein. Why protein? Because it reduces the recovery time of your muscles while maintaining them. Indeed, when you are exercising, they get damaged. Proteins and amino acids are therefore essential to the functioning of your cells.

Calorie intake and osmolality

The benefits of Prolong Isotonic Citrus Drink don’t stop there. Each serving contains 224 kcal, which is ideal for endurance sports. In addition, the fact that your drink mixes proteins and carbohydrates is unique in that it has an osmolality of 270 to 330 mOsmol/kg. It means that your body is better hydrated and receives the nutrients that Prolong provides.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C contributes to the proper functioning of your immune system during and after intense physical efforts. It also helps reduce fatigue and protect cells against the oxidative stress caused by free radicals that damage them.

key vitamins and minerals

Vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6, and B12 – contribute to normal energy metabolism. Vitamin B6 is essential for the functioning of metabolic enzymes. And vitamin B12 helps the normal functioning of the nervous system. Not to mention the minerals it contains. Like sodium, which is essential for water absorption during exercise.

Let yourself be surprised by its subtle and light taste. Its citrus flavour will surprise you.

Like all the products in the Herbalife24 range, protein-carbs drink contains no artificial colourings, sweeteners, or flavours. In addition, it has been tested by an independent organization – LGC’s world-class sports anti-doping lab (Informed-Sport Certified supplement). It guarantees that it does not contain any unauthorized substances.

So, no matter your fitness goals, Prolong sports drink will undoubtedly optimize your performance!

How to take it?

Just take four level scoops (equivalent to about 60 grams of the product’s contents) and add them to about 250 millilitres of water. Next, you will have to shake it vigorously to prevent the contents from settling to the bottom of the glass or shaker.

Once this is done, it will be time to add another 250 millilitres of water. This way, you will have the half-litre bottle you should drink every hour of physical activity. And, remember, this sports drink should be part of a healthy and nutritious eating plan.

Intense and prolonged physical exercise is very exhausting, and we must take care of all aspects to the maximum. The training itself, the technique, the breaks, and, as we pointed out, the diet.

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