High Protein Iced Coffee – Healthy & Uplifting!

Herbalife high protein iced coffee review

Do you like coffee? So do I! Herbalife has taken two ingredients we all love and know – protein and coffee, and blended them to create a delightfully uplifting drink! The new Herbalife high protein coffee is an excellent choice for all lovers looking for a coffee with a racy taste, low in sugar, fat, and calories.

The serving contains 15g of protein to activate your metabolism, maintain your muscle tissue, provide satiety, and help maintain standard bone structure. It gives you pep and vitality. You can choose your favorite among the two flavors.

So, whether you’re in a hurry, on the go, or need a caffeine boost, you can enjoy your High Protein Iced Coffee drink for an instant energy boost. Enjoy it at home or take it with you for a treat when you need it the most. Perfect in the morning, mid-morning, or mid-afternoon.

An authentic coffee with two flavors:

Choose or alternate between the two flavors, Mocha or Latte Macchiato. The drink includes real Robusta espresso coffee beans for an authentic taste without artificial flavors. It is also suitable for vegetarians.

How to prepare?

This protein tonic is ready in 2 minutes! Just add two scoops (22 g) to 250 ml of fresh water in a shaker, stir and enjoy. Add a few ice cubes for an extra kick. You can also use a blender on low speed for 5 seconds.

  • To make a warm drink, mix two scoops of Protein Coffee with 1/3 cup room temperature water and add the remaining 2/3 cup hot but not boiling water, stirring constantly.
  • To make Ice Coffee, fill a shaker with 250 ml of cold water and add two scoops of Protein Coffee. Whisk and add ice. Or use a blender and whisk the drink at low speed.

Herbalife protein coffee ingredients and nutrition factsProduct nutrition facts

  • The packaging is a large ziplock bag.
  • 15 portions per bag
  • Weight 308g for the Latte Macchiato or 322g for the Mocha
  • It contains no added sugar, dyes or preservatives, and is only 80 kcal per serving.
  • In dry form, it looks like a coffee 3 in 1. The fine powder is light brown. It has visible particles of instant coffee.
  • The kit includes a measuring spoon. The beverage looks like a real latte with foam.

The taste of the drink itself changes depending on whether you add milk or cream, as well as whether it is hot, warm, or Iced coffee. The manufacturer gives two options for making coffee. I liked the ice coffee option in the summer, and I like it with milk.

It’s a great way to wake up in the morning and get a positive vibe and a boost of energy. Also, since it contains a lot of protein, I can substitute this drink for my first snack when I’m short of time.

I like to drink it after my workout. It contains only 80 kcal, including 15 grams of protein—a very nutritious drink and very refreshing.

The key benefits

  • 100% roasted espresso coffee beans.
  • Fifteen grams of whey protein per serving.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • No added sugar.
  • Only 80 kcal.
  • 80 mg of caffeine per serving.
  • Real coffee beans for a natural coffee flavor.
  • Protein promotes the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.
  • Protein supports bone health.
  • Low-fat content.
  • It contains no dyes or stabilizers.
  • Made without GMO ingredients.
  • Made with a natural sweetener (stevia).

It means that it’s already a pretty hearty snack (twice as much protein as a serving of tomato soup with basil). Yet, it’s more refreshing than the average cup of coffee, and it puts in very few calories into the body.

Coffee without added milk has a sharper taste of stevia. It is a matter of taste.


When should I drink Latte Macchiato Protein Coffee?

Latte Macchiato Protein Coffee can be drunk any time of the day before 6 pm to boost your caffeine and protein intake. It’s an excellent choice for an in-between meal, between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner, or as an “on the go” snack.

Can I prepare Latte Macchiato Protein Coffee in advance and take it later?

I recommend adding some liquid immediately before consumption, as its consistency may change over time.

Is this product suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, Latte Macchiato Protein Coffee is suitable for vegetarians.

What allergen is in Latte Macchiato Protein Coffee?

Latte Macchiato Protein Coffee contains dairy products (milk).

Does Protein Coffee Latte Macchiato contain any artificial sugars, colors, or additives?

Latte Macchiato Protein Coffee does not contain added sugars, colors, or additives.

Can I use Latte Macchiato Protein Coffee with the other Herbalife Nutrition products? If so, which ones?

You can consume Latte Macchiato Protein Coffee simultaneously as other Herbalife Nutrition products. However, when drinking Herbal Tea, NRG tablets, and tea simultaneously, please consider the total caffeine for the day. According to the European Food Safety Authority, up to 400 mg/day is deemed safe for physically fit adults (excluding pregnant and lactating women).

Is Herbalife Nutrition’s Latte Macchiato Protein Coffee suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers?

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should limit their daily caffeine intake. According to the European Food Safety Agency, up to 200 mg/day is considered safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Pregnant/lactating women should discuss any dietary changes and the possibility of taking supplements with their doctors.

Is Herbalife Latte Macchiato Protein Coffee suitable for children?

No, because of its high caffeine content, this product is not intended for children.

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