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herbalife24 restoreThose who are into sports know very well that rest is one of the most important parts of the regimen. It almost doesn’t matter how you train or how well you eat. If you do not rest optimally, both in terms of sleep duration and quality, your progress will be seriously impaired.

This is especially important in certain workouts when hypertrophy takes place, that is, muscle gain. In these cases, a good night’s rest is even more important. Some food supplements are specifically designed to accelerate the recovery that our body starts after suffering from intense physical exercise, both aerobic and anaerobic.

More specifically, it enhances the recovery of glycogen stores and fights the inflammation generated in our muscles after the training. Exactly for this purpose, the Herbalife Restore supplement from the Herbalife 24 line of sports nutrition products was made.

What is Lactium® and its benefits for the athlete?

Nature is wise. That is why it placed a bioactive peptide known as Lactium® (alpha-s1 casein hydrolysate) in breast milk that provides babies with a wonderful state of relaxation. No stress, no worry, no annoying sleep disturbances.

After all, sleeping is as important as eating. But best of all, however, it has the same effects on adults. In other words: Lactium is our best friend to get the sleep we deserve. That Herbalife has used this substance to develop the supplement that works without side effects.

Lactium contributes to good rest, a period during which the physical recovery processes that athletes need so much take place. In addition, this substance contains less than 1% lactose. This, as studies show, make it suitable for lactose-intolerant people. No one has to go without a good rest.

Herbalife24 Restore Benefits and Ingredients

The recovery properties of the recovery supplement are not the only benefits of its use. After all, this food supplement also contains considerable doses of:

Without a doubt these micronutrients are essential!

In addition, this night formula contains curcumin, a molecule derived from the famous turmeric plant. This also gives it properties to reduce inflammation, a normal reaction of the body after serious physical exercise.

Lastly, the supplement also fights free radicals. Chemicals are responsible for the oxidative stress of cells, which, in turn, is responsible for aging and the appearance of many diseases. The supplement contains Elderberry and Saberry (trademark of Sabinsa Corp.) – these are extracts from amla fruit.

Herbalife24 restore ingredients

How to take the recovery supplement?

All we have to do is take a capsule with water before going to bed. Unlike other dietary supplements, Restore should be consumed right at this time to maximize its full benefits. After all, it is a product intended to improve sleep, increase the organic regeneration that takes place during sleep and give the body the nutrients it needs to fight fatigue.

I will repeat: good rest is very important when it comes to achieving optimal sports results. The capsules provide us with everything we need to give the body an extra boost, but to get good results, its taking must be combined with a healthy diet.

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