Herbalife 24 Formula 1 Sport – Balanced Nutrition

Herbalife 24 FORMULA 1 SPORTThe Herbalife 24 FORMULA 1 SPORT product, I’m going to review today, is a balanced protein, carbohydrate, vitamin, and mineral sports protein shake providing proper nutrition for people actively engaged in professional and amateur sports.

Do you want to build muscle, lose weight without losing the muscle you have already gained, to be always in shape?

An athlete cannot expect excellent results without proper nutrition. This Herbalife 24 product provides athletes with a solid foundation of nutrition that supports the excellence of their performance. Athletes need to maintain muscle mass, which means consuming enough protein with every meal.

Physical activity speeds up the metabolism and leads to an increase in oxidative stress, which increases the need for vitamins and minerals. Another problem is athletes are always on the move, and sometimes it can be difficult for them to get a balanced meal that takes into account their specific nutritional needs.

Who will benefit from taking the shake?

This balanced nutrition shake is designed for people actively engaged in professional and amateur sports:

  • Provides high-quality dairy protein for maintaining lean muscle mass – 18g of protein per serving
  • Helps to enhance antioxidant protection – includes more than 20 vitamins and minerals
  • Contains L-Glutamine for faster recovery
  • Calorie Control – 219kcal per serving
  • Contains no artificial colors or sweeteners
  • Contains no illegal doping substances
  • Professionals, amateur athletes, and gym-goers
  • Athletes controlling their weight

The Benefits

Since training is not enough in sports and weight reduction and it’s only one leg of a sucessfull sports plan. The other, you guessed it, is balanced nutrition. An aspect that sometimes unfortunately is more neglected.

The Herbalife24 Formula 1 Sport was created to help you achieve your sports or weight loss goals. The shake that can help you get what you want so badly. To slime down, for example.

After all, the 219 kilocalories it provides represent a reduction compared to the caloric intake of any main meal it replaces. On the other hand, in the case of muscle gain, its eighteen grams of protein per serving is a good protein booster that brings us closer to our goals.

  • Helps to maintain lean muscle mass
  • Strengthens antioxidant defense
  • Helps to speed up recovery after a workout
  • Calorie intake control

When to use the supplement?

Any time during the day. Formula 1 Sports is a balanced meal, so you can take it any time you need.

The Ingredients

dairy protein powderDairy Protein

The combination of fast-absorbing whey protein and slow-absorbing casein provides a gradual release of amino acids to maintain lean muscle mass. Formula 1 Sport contains 18g (If prepared with 250 ml of 1.5% fat milk) of dairy protein for lean muscle mass.

According to many manufacturers’ reviews, the combination of different types of protein allows the supplement to have new properties. It is believed that the effects of a complex protein are due to an overall synergistic effect, i.e. the sum of the proteins has a more noticeable effect than each of them when taken separately.

Quality of all-purpose protein:

  • Longer Digestion
  • High amino acid release per unit time
  • Has a complete amino acid profile
  • Has virtually no allergic reactions
  • Contains only a small amount of lactose
  • Can often be combined with vitamins and minerals
  • Can serve as an almost complete substitute for protein foods.

key vitamins and mineralsVitamin and mineral complex

Physical activity leads to an increased metabolic rate, which means that the body’s need for vitamins and minerals increases. During physical activity, more free radicals are formed, which damage cells and can weaken the body’s natural defenses.

Herbalife 24 Formula 1 Sport contains more than 20 vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, D, B6, B12, Zinc, Copper, and Iron, which play an important role in maintaining the body’s natural defenses.

Such essential micronutrients for our body as vitamin C, vitamin E or selenium, together form a powerful shield against oxidative stress.

l-glutamine amino-acidL-Glutamine

The amino acid glutamine, like several other amino acids in the human body, is a multifunctional molecule. Its main task is to generate building blocks for protein, which in turn are used to transport nutrients to internal organs, muscle fibers, and skin, and to fight viral diseases and harmful bacteria.

How to prepare the Herbalife24 Formula 1 Sport Shake?

The preparation of the Herbalife Formula 1 Shake is simple. Get two tablespoons (equivalent to about 26 grams of the contents) from the jar. Then take a glass with 250 milliliters of water, skim milk, soy milk, oat milk, almond milk, rice milk, or any other vegetable milk of your choice. All of these are low in calories, which contributes to the weight maintenance or weight loss properties of the shake.

Now it’s time to blend the two ingredients. You can do it with a blender, more comfortable, or manually. In the latter case, it will be important to stir vigorously with the spoon or shake the mixing cup vigorously so that some of the shake contents do not settle to the bottom. This could mean that part of the F1 Sport does not enter our body.

How to take the F1 Sport shake?

Here are some different scenarios.

First of all, and in case you are looking to reduce weight, you should replace two meals a day with two shakes. This works because with Formula 1 Sport you consume much fewer calories than with a conventional meal, but incorporating all the nutrients your body needs.

Secondly, if you want to maintain the weight while saving muscle mass, you should replace one of the main meals (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) with a shake. In this case, the additional protein will provide your body with amino acids to maintain your muscles.

Thirdly, for muscle gain, drink the shake before or after the training.

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