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join as a Preferred Member of Herbalife NutritionSo, Preferred Member or Independent Distributor?

Many people ask me how to become a preferred member or an independent distributor. I will help you decide which Herbalife membership is right for you. You will be able to register online within 20-40 minutes. ​

After you sign up, you will get customer or distributor support from me, and I will send you all the information you need to start getting the results you want.

If you are in a hurry, here is how to register as a member online and enjoy all the benefits and discounts from the initial 20 to 40 percent.



Herbalife member sign-up (fill in personal information)

Click the link below to start the sign-up in new browser window and get back to the instruction: ==>

If the link above doesn’t work for your country, visit this page and choose your country from the list to start the sign up ==>

1) Fill out the form to create an account that will allow you to log in to your MyHerbalife.com account in the future. Enter your working email address and a strong enough password. Remember it, or better yet, write it down for future use, and click on “Create Account.”

2) Choose your preferred membership:

Click on the image that says “Sign up as a Preferred Member.”

3) “Please enter your Sponsor’s details below” – text me on WhatsApp to get these details.

Then enter all your personal information in the appropriate fields (don’t forget to tick the checkboxes below) and click Next. Continue to enter the required information in the following steps.

Congratulations! Now you are officially a client with a discount!

If you have any questions about registering, please get in touch with me.

Should I join as a Herbalife Nutrition Preferred Member?

If you want to join to get Herbalife products (weight loss programs, meal replacement shakes) straight from the company with significant discounts, then you should sign up as a preferred member. You will get a Herbalife member pack from the company. The initial 25% discount will be increased to 40%.

At the time of writing, the Herbalife Preferred Member Program works in the following countries: the USA and Puerto Rico, India, Italy, Brazil, Turkey, France, Romania, Germany, Austria, Colombia, Hong Kong, Chile, Peru,Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

Preferred Member Levels in US

Based on your purchases, Herbalife Nutrition offers three levels of discounts. Herbalife preferred members discounts are determined by the Earn Base for each product.

  • Bronze: By beginning at the Bronze level, you can instantly save more than 20% off MSRP on the majority of Herbalife products.
  • Silver: Receive discounts of more than 30% off MSRP when you upgrade to Silver by making purchases totaling 500 Points within a 12-month span.
  • Gold: To qualify for discounts of about 40% off MSRP, earn 2,500 Points over the course of a continuous 12-month period. You must annually requalify by obtaining 2,500 Points between February 1 and January 31 in order to keep your Gold status.

Herbalife preferred members benefits include:

  • You will have the right to place orders on your account at significant discount levels anytime and anywhere.
  • To shop, go to MyHerbalife.com, download the app, call, or visit any of the Herbalife International sales centers in major cities.
  • Enjoy promotions
  • You will receive assistance from your account as well as from your sponsor (me).
  • Have the products delivered right to your door.
  • You will have the opportunity to become a Herbalife Independent Distributor whenever you want with a discount (only if you want to).
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee (you have a 30 days trial period, if you’re not satisfied with the products, you can return them within this period).

Herbalife Preferred Member packWhat does the online Herbalife Membership pack include?

  • The catalogue of Herbalife’s recipes for balanced nutrition
  • webinars with nutrition experts; video lessons from certified trainers; blogs 
  • The PM-only newsletter
  • Fresh company news
  • Special events, promotions, and rewards

What is the cost of the member pack?

Well, the kit price is as low as USD 34.95 in the United States. Keep in mind that the membership fee can vary in different countries, or it may even be free to join in some countries.

The distinction between a preferred member and a distributor is as follows:

  • Preferred Member (PM) membership is for clients who are not planning to build their own Herbalife businesses. This status is only for people who want to buy Herbalife Nutrition products for personal use at discounts and not to purchase them for retail sales to earn income.
  • Herbalife Independent Distributors (HID). They enjoy the maximum product discounts. Another benefit is a business opportunity to work from home part-time or full-time to grow their own business as part of the international company as a Balanced Nutrition Consultant. They have a chance to earn residual income. A Volume Point Value is assigned to each Herbalife product. Your personal volume points and the volume points that your Distributors who are not yet Supervisors have purchased will count toward your own volume and assist you reach the next discount levels. I will send you all information about the marketing strategy later. 

How to Become a Herbalife Independent Distributor

As a Herbalife independent distributor, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Getting products at higher discounts (up to 50%)
  • As a distributor, you can share your love for balanced nutrition and your new lifestyle with like-minded people to grow your own business as an associate.
  • To be able to earn a residual (passive) income while working part-time or full-time
  • and many more privileges depending on your status in the company.

Business opportunity – the difference between linear and passive income.

linear and passive income - business opportunityA linear income is the income you earn as long as you do a particular job. If you stop working, your source of income is gone! That is, you get an exchange of your time for money.

If you want to increase your income, you have to do more work, get a promotion, or change employers.

Passive income, also called residual income, is a type of income that you can still profit from for a long time once you do something.

Linear income is essential for 95% of people worldwide, while residual income is only for 5%. Secondly, the residual income, in most cases, requires capital, and many do not have it and cannot or do not want to save it up.

Herbalife gives everyone the same business opportunity to build their legal business within the company and have residual income without a significant investment (just the purchase of a distributor kit to start with). I say in advance that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme or any scheme.

There is a lot of work to be done first!

But for many people, this type of job is a joy since they get to do what they love to do while working from home for themselves.

Herbalife distributor sign-up

Distributor membership is a one-time investment of USD 94.10 in the United States. The fee and the pack itself can vary in different countries.

You can sign up by following the steps listed below. Keep in mind that all new Herbalife Members or Distributors always join under a sponsor. If you don’t have one, I will be your sponsor.

1) Choose your home country (a new tab will open, and you will start registering in this new window).

Click here to choose your country: https://peppyshake.com/registration-countries/

2) Complete the fields to create an account that will allow you to access your account in the future.

3) Choose a Herbalife membership:

Click on the image that says “Sign up as a Distributor.”

4) “Please enter your Sponsor’s details below” – text me on WhatsApp to get these details.

5) After that, enter all your personal registration information in the appropriate fields (don’t forget to tick the checkboxes when it’s required) and click Next. Continue to enter the necessary information into all the steps.

Congratulations! You are an official Herbalife distributor now.

If there are any difficulties with the sign-up, please get in touch with me, and I will help.

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